Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hairplus be distinguished from real hair?
Hairplus is the only hair prosthesis that is able to offer its users an impeccable naturalness in hair structure, colour harmony and the scalp’s realistic look . Unfortunately we are not able to answer the question of how Hairplus achieves it, as it contains many technological secrets, however, by studying photos and videos on our website or seeing the hair replacement applications at our center, you can witness the quality of Hairplus.
With Hairplus, would the hair on the surface of the skin look different than real hair?
The most important condition to ensure naturalness and aesthetic look in all procedures for resolving hair loss is to re-create the customary naturalness the live hair exhibits on the skin surface. Revolutionary Hairplus production technique enables hair prosthesis applications that won’t be noticed by others, by re-creating real hair’s unique natural appearance and behavioural characteristics on the skin surface.
Is Hairplus fixed? Does it bring any restrictions on the subject's social life?
Hairplus, which is fixed on the head with a special medical gel, allows you to keep doing all kinds of activities that you are accustomed to, such as swimming, taking shower, doing sports, blow-drying and more without restriction. Thanks to Hairplus’ flexibility and stability on skin surface, you feel as if you hadn’t lost your own hair. When you sweat while doing sports or your hair gets wet while swimming, Hairplus allows your hair to maintain its natural swing.
Is it easy to use Hairplus?
What you do to your live hair, also needs to be done to Hairplus. Hygienic use is extremely important. Ensuring that hygiene by simply washing your hair every two days would be sufficient.
Has Hairplus have the feature of being combed in any direction and shape?
Hairplus is perhaps even more flexible than your existing hair and it can be combed in all directions. In the production stage, structural properties of real hair are rebuilt in Hairplus. Each hair has different features. Thanks to the combination of all these features, your new hair is indistinguishable from your existing hair. Ordinary hair prostheses cannot provide this natural look and are immediately noticeable.
Can Hairplus be used in all hair loss cases?
Hairplus is the right method for all kinds of temporary or permanent hair loss. The hair being sparse or non existing does not make a difference in terms of applicability. Hairplus can be produced regardless of gender, long or short, wavy or straight, in every hair color, according to the thinness or thickness of the structure.
With Hairplus hair replacement methods, youngsters experiencing regional hair loss, can they have abundant and voluminous hair again?
Please examine Comparison Table under the Other Methods tab on our home page, to see that other hair loss treatment methods cannot meet young people’s abundant and natural looking hair expectations and Hairplus is the most efficient method.
Can Hairplus be applied to subjects with no hair at all?
Hairplus, with its naturalness and ease of use, whether it’s men or women, young or old, is the most preferred hair replacement technique for all who have lost their hair for any reason. It can be applied to short, long, wavy, straight, sparse or dense hair and helps the subjects with no hair feel more attractive with their natural looking new hair.
Is Hairplus a suitable method for women?
Hairplus is an ideal hair replacement method for women who have lost some or all of their hair for any reason. Thanks to Hairplus, women can carry on benefiting from all hairdresser services such as dye, highlights, balayaje, curling tongs, bun, and blow drying.
Is Hairplus recommended to those experiencing temporary hair loss, due to chemotherapy / radiotherapy ?
Chemotherapy treatment is a difficult process to go through. It is perfectly normal that the patient does not want any further difficulties that would adversely affect the morale and motivation during that period. When the treatment begins, the hair is totally lost within a short time due to drug side effects . The fast course of losing hair disturbs most of the patients. If preferred, the hair replacement technique that Hairplus developed for chemotherapy treatment can also be applied prior to hair loss. This comfortable and natural-looking Hairplus application helps the patient feel healthier in terms of morale-motivation by allowing them to go through the treatment having hair and makes a significant contribution to them sustaining a normal life during treatment.
Who shouldn’t Hairplus be applied to?
Hair replacement should not be recommended to children at an early age, those who cannot use their mental abilities and to patients with chronic skin diseases such as advanced eczema. Hairplus application would not be suitable for those who cannot comply with personal hygiene and general hygiene rules due to young or advanced age or mental status.
How are the studies conducted on hair and skin compatibility in Hairplus?
Our work on hair and skin compatibility is our “business secret” and we cannot talk about it in detail here. Therefore, we can only tell you that all structural features of real hair is reflected to Hairplus the exact same way.
Once the application begins, in how long the subject obtains the new hair?
After scaling and hair analysis, a number of technical laboratory studies are required for Hairplus to be ready to implement. Finalising the structural features of the hair and ensuring skin compliance are performed during that process. This stage, consisting of the preparation of the prosthesis, is completed in … days to … depending on your head’s shape and the structure of your hair. Once your hair is ready, the application is completed in approximately 4 hours.
How often does Hairplus require maintenance?
The maintenance intervals may vary depending on the skin structures of the persons, the climatic conditions where they live, and the nature of their social activities. For example: A difference of several days may occur between those living in a dry and non-humid climatic environment and those living in a hot and very humid climate in terms of maintenance intervals. Colder, moisture free environments allow prolonged periods of maintenance. The longer or shorter duration of the fixing gel is also closely related to other factors. Factors such as constantly active sports life and the fact that during these activities the body temperature is kept at the upper limit for a long time, the habit of showering with very hot water, the excessive consumption of alcohol and as result the toxins having to be thrown away by the sweat glands shortens the maintenance time interval. Therefore, instead of specifying a single time period for the definition of maintenance intervals, it would be more accurate to define a period of 2-3 weeks.
Do we necessarily need to go to a Hairplus center for maintenance?
Hairplus provides its customers with an unrivaled ease of use, SELFPLUS®. Through this special education and provided equipment you take care of your prosthesis at home, instead of going to Hairplus care centers.
How long does Hairplus last?
Essentially, how hair is used and in what way determines the lifetime of the hair. As caring and hygienic use can extend the hair’s lifetime, opposite using habits can shorten it equally. The lifespan of two Premium natural Hairplus prostheses is approximately 20 months. The Lifetime increases when the hair’s naturalness level decreases. So an ordinary prosthesis, with a weak air-water permeability and a felt thickness, can last longer but it does not give satisfactory results in terms of naturality.
What does Hairplus hair replacement insurance INSURPLUS® cover?
INSURPLUS® is an unprecedented opportunity in the hair replacement sector. In hair renewal periods, your old Hairplus will be replaced with the new one, only in exchange for insurance activation fee.
What are the advantages of Hairplus Hair Prosthesis compared to ordinary Hair Prosthesis?
1-With Hairplus hair prosthesis, temple and forehead lines seem incredibly natural. With an ordinary hair prosthesis, the forehead line is dark and immediately noticeable.
2-With Hairplus hair prosthesis, hair roots on the skin surface look as natural as the real hair. With an ordinary hair prosthesis, the artificial and rough look of the hair roots is immediately noticeable.
3-With Hairplus hair prosthesis, hair can be combed in all directions, there is natural oscillation and mobility. With ordinary hair prostheses, the hair's ability to be combed in every direction is limited or not existing.
4-Hairplus hair prosthesis always preserves its original properties. It gives the opportunity to blow-drying, highlights, balayage, perm and to wear a bun. Ordinary prosthesis get reddish, even draws attention from a distance.
5-Hairplus hair prosthesis provides 100% compatibility with the scalp. With the ordinary prosthesis, thick and coarse lower surface is incompatible with skin and show up badly between the hair.
6-Hairplus hair prosthesis that has exactly the same features as existing hair shows a perfect compatibility. With ordinary hair prosthesis, thick hair strands create incompatibility with existing hair.
7-With Hairplus hair prosthesis, the hair is like silk. It can be used freely long or short. With ordinary hair prosthesis, hair gets constantly matted creating difficulty in combing.
8-Hairplus hair prosthesis reacts as real hair during swimming and other sports activities, maintains its natural oscillation and movement. Ordinary prosthesis reacts differently from real hair when it gets wet, it shows itself with artificial and incompatible look immediately when swimming.
9-Maintenance periods in Hairplus hair prosthesis are approximately 2-3 weeks. Ordinary hair prosthesis requires maintenance every week.
10-Hairplus hair prosthesis is hygienic due to its air and water permeability. The thick and impermeable structure of ordinary hair prosthesis can cause itching and allergic reactions to the skin.
11-Hairplus hair prosthesis makes the user forget its presence. Ordinary hair prosthesis makes you feel it existence due to rough structure.
12-Hairplus hair prosthesis is renewed at a low price within the preferred insurance period. Ordinary hair prosthesis is not covered by insurance.
What is an ordinary hair prosthesis?
With an ordinary hair prosthesis, it is not possible to comb the hair back and have a natural looking temporal line at the same time. The hair quality and the mediocrity in the infrastructure create significant problems when you try to comb the prosthetic hair, accustomed to one-sided combing, in different ways . This lack of quality and technological backwardness reduce the user’s comfort of feeling natural. Therefore, those applications are far from being satisfactory for those who want a natural and an aesthetic look.
What is hair transplantation? How is FUE applied?
Perhaps hair transplantation is the most known method within the hair replacement treatments in order to replace diminishing hair. This operation is done using the FUE and FUT methods, two different procedures. Nowadays FUE transplantation method, which is more practical, has almost become the most preferred hair transplantation operation. Although it does not require a surgeon, it is to be done by a medical specialist and an assisting team in a clinical setting. FUE is performed by hair follicles being removed one by one from the back of the neck with small circular incisions and transplanted into the target area on the head.
With the FUE method is it possible to have dense and voluminous hair?
Hair transplantation is not a very accurate method to have dense and voluminous hair. In hair transplantation, it is required to remove the selected hair follicle with a round cut to transfer it into a man-made hole in the destination area. These holes, opened inward from the skin surface with a pipe-like medical instrument of approximately 0.6 mm diameter, if close to each other, the hair density will be more and if they are away, it means that the hair will be less dense. The truth is, it is not possible to replicate the hair density that has developed in our natural hair structure since infancy. To avoid damaging the scalp from excessive force, the newly made pores must be positioned at certain intervals. Compared to the distance between the follicles of our natural hair structure, the distance between the man-made pores is roughly three times the natural. This is the most important reason that the hair frequency after the hair transplantation is deemed inadequate.
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